My Positively Fascinating Review Format!

That whole title is sarcastic. This post will most likely be as boring as watching a Hot Pocket microwave.


However, it is necessary so I can avoid screwing myself over later. So, here it is, a break down of my format (YAY!!!).

  1.  I will introduce the book in some undoubtedly forced way. I will state how I got the book (most likely) or some initial thoughts.
  2. An Amazon summary or an equivalent
  3. Any other thoughts I have
  4. My thoughts on the Plot
  5. My thoughts on the Characters
  6. My thoughts on the Writing Style
  7. My thoughts on the cover and other physical attributes
  8. My final thoughts
  9. The score (a subjective, numerical value that I calculate using a score 1-10 for the Plot, Characters, Writing Style, Cover, and Enjoyment)

So this is pretty much it, unless I decide to change it. Enjoy 🙂


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